Parents of the Mid-Columbia region, welcome to your website!

* You parents and grandparents that want to spend 1-2 hours a week helping make a difference in your community, please contact us….we need you! * 

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From Tri-Cities to Walla Walla, to Moses Lake and Hermiston, to places in-between and beyond. Our vision for the website is that it becomes a convenient central resource for parents wanting to raise kids to their full potential – whether searching for

  • Parenting education materials
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Health-related resources and information for children

We do the work of finding the best resources and information (focusing on regional resources) so all you busy parents have to do is visit the website when looking for such resources.  In addition, our vision is that the following three forums on the website

  • Parenting (using Bledsoe philosophies)
  • Neighborhood
  • Special Group

allow you parents experiencing similar circumstances to share your successes and lack of successes, providing you both information and support; as well as working together to initiate positive change in your homes, schools and neighborhoods.

Please scan through the website and see if there are any resources or features that you can use. Most of the current content is the result of input from parents over the past two years, but we want you and others like you to help us complete all the features! This includes sending us photos and artwork that involve your family (family photos, children photos, children’s artwork), as well as ideas for additional features or improving existing features.  As you can see, the photos will grace all the website pages (cycle), as well as reside in the photo gallery.  Photos placed on the website will only be labeled as to the City or Town associated with your mailing address.

Please also consider submitting a recipe(s) for the “Recipes for Busy Moms” feature in the Nutrition section of the Health page.  These need to be healthy meals that are quick to prepare.

The cornerstone of our organization, and the main educational tool of this website, is the Bledsoe parenting program “Parenting with Dignity”® which is described on the Education webpage, and the associated public workshops are listed on the EVENTS page.  Whether you are a parent with very young well-behaved children, or a parent that is struggling to resolve conflict with older children, please consider attending one of the public workshops or purchasing the DVD set to view yourself.  The program is very effective in helping parents raise successful kids in a world where they’re bombarded with “ideas” and beliefs that are contrary to those of the parents.  Email or call us with your ideas on improving your website, and please be patient as we grow – especially over these first few months as we complete some of the features.

For those visitors outside of our region, the model we have planned is for this website to serve as a template for other regions or large cities, and so it can be duplicated at very little cost for your region (Contact us if you are interested).  One of the first duplicate websites anticipated is for the Yakima Valley.

All our best,

Mid-Columbia Parenting Team

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