Bledsoe Full-Length Workshops Starting in February

Mid-Columbia Parenting is presenting their full 12-hour Bledsoe “Parenting with Dignity” video series in February at two locations. This parenting workshop features Mac and Barbara Bledsoe (parents of pro quarterback Drew Bledsoe), and this program has been featured on the TODAY Show, ABC’s 20/20, CBN, and on countless other national and local radio and television programs.

These workshops cover every aspect of parenting, and typically include a live Skype session with the Bledsoe’s.  Parents, grandparents, teachers and childcare providers will learn are how to raise children to:

▪   Build a strong self-concept/character
▪   Make the right decisions about behavior
▪   Withstand peer pressure
▪   Overcome today’s culture of sex, drugs, violence and apathy
▪   Become the best they can be, in every aspect of their lives (behaviorally, emotionally, socially, and academically)

As well as obtain the tools to be able to:
▪   Get children to obey without you having to demand obedience
▪   Communicate well with your teenager
▪   Have an effective discipline program and still maintain strong and loving relationships with your children
▪    Have a household free of arguing and conflict

Dates and Locations are:

Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30 pm starting February 12th and ending February 28th at the YMCA, 741 South Dayton St.  Kennewick.   Fee is $30. Register online at or contact Mark at 845-2092.

Saturday afternoons 12:45 to 4:45 PM starting February 9th and ending February 23rd at the SECU building, 807 W. Vineyard in Kennewick (next to bowling alley).   Fee is $30. Register online at or contact Mark at 845-2092.

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