Effective Discipline While Building Strong Parent/Child Relationships

What has happened over the years is that some discipline methods have become popular because they have been perceived as effective, although in reality parents did not know that they were ineffective in the long-term.  The best example of this is corporal punishment, usually in the form of hitting or spanking, which has been used by a majority of parents for decades.  This discipline method has been popular in American society for two main reasons:  1) It can be used immediately without work or thought by the parent and, 2) It usually works as intended – to modify the behavior.   However, numerous studies show very clearly that corporal punishment only modifies the behavior for the very short-term, not long-term; and the method is associated with the tragic byproduct of disintegration of the parent/child relationship and a less happy, less successful child.  Mac Bledsoe will present what many experts believe is the most effective discipline method in existence, which builds and maintains strong parent/child relationships, and which preserves the dignity of both parent and child.  If parents use this natural discipline method they will realize that it feels natural, that it makes common sense, and so parents are not continually feeling guilty for making what they feel were wrong choices about their discipline methods.  Parents attending this workshop are encouraged to attend the first workshop as well.  Effective for parents with children ages 1-18.

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