Being an Effective Parent in Today’s Culture

The first workshop is Mac on video and titled “Being an Effective Parent in Today’s Culture”.  Today’s family structure, typical home environment, and impact of media influence are not what our parents and grandparents experienced in the mid to late 1900s.   Today, the average American 12-year old child has watched over 100,000 acts of violence, including over 8000 murders.  Approximately 17% of 10-11 year olds are exposed to pornography unintentionally, and 80% of 12-17 year olds have viewed pornography.  10% of kids try marijuana before age 13, and over 22% of kids are using it.  Each year, approximately three million kids, aged 12 to 17, either think seriously about suicide or attempt suicide. This first Workshop will show parents how to raise responsible, independent children of strong character that influence the culture instead of negative aspects of today’s culture influencing them.  It will show parents how do get children to NOT reject Mom and Dad and their values, and how to build and maintain (or repair) strong parent/child relationships.  Effective for parents with children ages 1-18.

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