Bledsoe Parenting Program

Mac and Barbara Bledsoe are the parents of Adam Bledsoe and Drew Bledsoe, and taught high school in many Eastern Washington communities for 27 years.  Over the years, they developed philosophies, principles and methods that helped bring out the full potential in children, and applied these to the classroom and the home environment.  This lead to Mac and Barbara leading very popular parenting workshops in the various communities where they lived, and these workshops finally made it to video format around 1997 as the 9-part Parenting with Dignity® series.

Mac Bledsoe and his program have been featured on the TODAY Show, ABC’s 20/20, CBN, and on countless other national and local radio and television programs. There are countless inspirational stories across the country about how these philosophies and methods have impacted childrens’ futures and the relationships with their parents.

The 9-hour video series presents effective techniques for raising responsible, well-behaved, independent children. PWD advocates permitting children to make some of their own decisions, and to experience the consequences early on, so that they can act responsibly when alone, and become more independent when they grow older.  PWD shows you how to have an effective discipline program and still maintain strong and loving relationships with your children even through the teen years. This is a positive approach to parenting that is simple, easily understood, applicable in any situation and any age, and incredibly intuitive.

Parents, Teachers, and Childcare Providers can either purchase and view the video series themselves, or they can attend a public workshop where a PWD Facilitator presents the video series and answers questions.  Depending on the Facilitator, these public workshops can be presented on 9 weekday evenings (once or twice per week) or on Saturdays (3 consecutive Saturday afternoons for example).  Depending on who hosts the workshop, childcare may be available.  See the Events page for a list of upcoming workshops in your area.