Why Parenting with Dignity?

Why do we think this program is the best one for Mid-Columbia parents, as compared to other programs?

  1. Bledsoe’s are from the Mid-Columbia, know the Mid-Columbia people and values, and their personalities are warm and entertaining.
  2. Concepts are simple, and therefore easily understood by parents, and easily reproducible for presenters
  3. Focuses on the FUNDEMENTALS of long-lasting behavior modification, so building or change from within the individual, not topical of Band-Aid solutions.
  4. Is more comprehensive (not just focused on discipline program)
  5. Utilizes local guest speakers who are professionals in childhood development.
  6. Low Cost due to non-profit status.

What are some aspects of the PWD program that help distinguish it from other programs? Its emphasis on helping your child become gradually independent over time, teaching your child self-discipline, putting the right “ideas” into your child’s head, and minimizing the negative and maximizing the positive influences for your kids.

How Does Program Help Parents? If you could describe in one sentence what this program does it would be that it SHOWS PARENTS HOW TO RAISE KIDS TO THEIR ABSOLUTE FULL POTENTIAL, in every aspect (behaviorally, socially, emotionally, academically)!!

This popular video series will make you laugh and cry, and is full of simple yet very effective parenting tools for all ages. Some of what Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and Childcare Providers will learn are how to raise children to:

  • Be confident and goal-oriented
  • Make the right decisions about behavior
  • Withstand peer pressure
  • Overcome today’s culture of sex, drugs, violence and apathy
  • Become the best they can be, in every aspect of their lives (behaviorally, emotionally, socially, and academically)

As well as obtain the tools to be able to:

  • Get children to obey without you having to demand obedience
  • Communicate well with your teenager
  • Have an effective discipline program and still maintain strong and loving relationships with your children
  • Have a household free of arguing and conflict